Benefits of Moringa Oil for Skin- The New-Era Beauty Elixir

Moringa oil has awed the beauty enthusiasts with its miraculous powers as the wonder oil is immensely beneficial to skin, hair and more. The Moringa plant is abundantly available in the Asian countries and also in the African and South American nations. People often eat drumsticks from the Moringa tree as a vegetable. The seeds in the edible drumsticks are tender and these seeds are processed to get Moringa oil come from the ripe and dried drumsticks.

Moringa tree produces a lot of beneficial things for human use. Its leaves and other parts are processed to make medicines that have antimicrobial, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. Thus, recent years have seen a literal boom in the production of moringa oil and capsule that finds its uses in the cosmetic industry. Let us find out more in-depth uses of this miracle oil for the human skin.

Moringa Magic on Skin

Let us delve deeper into the benefits of moringa oil and see how it can affect our skin:

  • Anti-aging elixir – Moringa oil has intense anti-aging properties as it kills certain bacteria and fungi in the human skin ecosystem that propels the ageing process. The oil is also proven to increase skin elasticity that gives the user’s skin a youthful glow. This oil is infused with antioxidants properties that rejuvenate the skin. Prolonged use of Moringa oil is proven to make the skin more youthful and glowing.
  • Natural sunscreen - Intensive research has proven that Moringa oil can block the harmful UV rays from the sun to penetrate into your skin. The SPF in this oil makes it a potent ingredient in effective sunscreen products. You can also use it along with your favorite sunscreen to maximize the effect. Regular use of moringa oil on the skin will naturally increase the UV fighting properties of your skin.
  • A natural moisturiser - Oleic acid present in the moringa seed is known to have rich curative properties. The oleic acid acts like skin’s natural moisturiser when applied topically. If you leave it as an overnight treatment, you can surely feel its magical benefits nourish your skin. The oil seeps deep into the skin tissues and restores moisture from within thus giving you a natural glow. It is also beneficial for oily skin types as it controls the excess sebum secretion and makes the skin look fresh and feel fresh. For dry skin, it is a natural moisturiser.
  • Acts as a natural pollution shield - Hardly do we have a cosmetic product that protects our skin from pollution damage. But moringa oil has proven its worth even in this difficult sphere. Using moringa oil on a regular basis makes your skin healthy and prepares it to fight the damages of heavy pollution. The applause goes to the fatty acids present in this oil, that acts as an emollient and improves membrane permeability thereby preventing pollution damage.
  • A storehouse of vitamins - How many of us have used vitamin capsules in our daily hair and skin care regime? Many. But now we do not have to buy a vitamin capsule as the Moringa oil has vitamin A and E in it. These vitamins are skin’s natural healer and protectors. They make our skin more elastic, high on tenacity and less saggy. Vitamins are also known to provide instant radiance. Thus, one oil will suffice the work of different vitamin capsules. 
  • Helps with healing of scars - Skin scars are everyone’s nightmare. But the natural anti-fibrotic properties present in Moringa oil is very effective to prevent skin scars. If you already have scars, then you can simply use this wonder oil to fade off the stubborn marks from your skin. The oleic and other fatty acids present in Moringa oil helps the scars to heal. It also speeds up the wound healing process thereby fading out scars.
  • Works to reduce acne outbursts - Although oily skin and oil therapy sound contradictory, in case of Moringa it is not. Yes, people with oily and acne prone skin can use Moringa oil to hydrate their skin without clogging pores. The subtle antiseptic property of Moringa oil reduces inflammation and aids in clearing off acne.

Thus, the skin benefits of Moringa oil are multifarious. If included in the daily skin care routine, it can alter the texture of your skin and bring out that youthful glow. Use it in combination with other natural skin care products and reinvent a whole new dimension of skin care.

P.S- Store Moringa oil in a dark place as light and heat can alter its phytochemical composition and lessen its benefits. Always prefer a cold-pressed carrier oil to realise its full potential.

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