Hairfall : Causes, Concerns, Prevention and Cure.

Today’s startup generation is so overloaded with work that they hardly get any time for themselves. The kids are so competitive that they don’t even want to miss the weekends. In this maze of life and work, they often miss the key, i.e. their health. Lack of sleep is one of the most common phenomena that has carved its way into the lives of today’s generation. Along with the lack of sleep, another bad habit has swept in and that is the dearth of physical activity. A decade ago could you ever imagine a cup of tea being delivered to you online? The distant dream is now a reality. With the popularity of e-commerce and the internet, one can  get everything they need on their doorstep and today even the monthly grocery shopping is just a click away. The hours we don’t sleep, the exercises we don’t do, the junk we eat and the air we breathe are all taking a toll on our health and the repercussions are very evident.

What causes hairfall ?

Among all the aftereffects, hair loss and greying of hair are the major concerns among the age group of 22-35. Both men and women are victims of hair fall and greying. Physical as well as mental stress are the major cause of hair fall in this day and age. People take a lot of tension for their work and also their personal lives these days. The tremendous mental stress one goes through is immeasurable and this, in turn, can cause hair fall. Any kind of physical trauma- accident, surgery or any severe illness (even flu) can result in hair fall. Nowadays we take a lot of supplements for vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc. Excess consumption of Vitamin A can also trigger hair loss. This is the age of fast food. We keep munching this and that while working which in turn fills our stomach and we tend to miss meals which contain all the nutrients that our body needs. Among them, protein is very important. In fact, our hair and our nails are all made of proteins. Lack of protein in our diet is also a chief reason for hair fall. Pregnancy hormones is another cause of hair loss. This is obviously reversible but girls panic when they see such sudden loss of hair. Overuse of hair styling products, ranging from blow dryer to curling irons is yet again a reason for hair fall. Hair fall isn’t the only problem anymore. Premature greying of hair is also a big cause of worry these days. Scientific studies have not been able to link greying of hair with stress. The exact reason of premature greying has not been identified but genes have a big role to play here. Vitamin B12 deficiency can also be a reason for untimely greying. Problems in the pituitary and thyroid gland may trigger premature greying, and it is reversible if corrected. It also varies from one region to another.

Prevention and care

Oiling of hair is a very old technique, and it works wonderfully in reduction of hair fall and also stops premature greying up to an extent. Black Seed Oil is excellent for oiling our hair. This oil is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids which can help to cleanse and strengthen the hair and scalp. It is especially beneficial for dry and flaky scalp. In a dry scalp, lack of hydration and dandruff can lead to hair fall. The various nutrients that black seed oil contains are helpful in speeding up the healing of broken skin while minimising scarring. It is beneficial in targeting three different areas of healthy hair maintenance. Firstly it can nourish and strengthen the hair and scalp, and secondly it contains active ingredients that fight off the external causes of hair loss.​ And lastly, it also fights dandruff.

 Jojoba Oil is also very effective against hair fall, especially for oily scalp. Excess production of Sebum makes the hair follicles weak which in turn results in hair fall. Jojoba Oil is structurally similar to Sebum, and upon its application, the brain signals the oil glands to control the excessive secretion of oil. Massaging the scalp with a few drops of this oil has proven to be very beneficial. Along with fighting hair loss, Jojoba oil also promotes hair growth.

Dandruff and excess Sebum, both can be the cause of hairfall. Tea Tree Oil works very well in both cases; it removes excess oil built in the follicles and it can also fight dandruff in a dry scalp.

There can be many reasons for hair fall or premature greying, but we can always correct our habits and not let our choice of lifestyle affect our hair. Meditation, exercise, good food and above all sleep, can keep away these hassles. It is always good to consult a dermatologist and get to the root of the reason. 

Check out these anti-hair fall regimens specially crafted by our experts for dry and oily scalp. 

   Anti hair fall regimen (dry scalp) 


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