Regimens in Personal Care : Why & How ?

The Ageing Experience

As a teenager I was one of the few lucky people who had a flawless skin. No acne and no stubborn breakouts. The skin remained baby soft and I always had that kind of hair that made other people wonder what products I used. Then came the 20’s and the decade passed by in the blink of an eye. As I stepped into my 30’s, I noticed a big difference in my hair, yes, both in quantity and quality. The skin also looked tired and the youthful radiance was fading. Mind you, this is just the second year into my 30’s and let’s get something clear, you don’t even realise how you step into your 4th decade. Time goes at a sonic pace. 

First, I read about products and stocked up with everything that I could get. Something for hair loss, another one for fine lines, one for dullness, one with all the possible vitamins, something to combat an uneven skin tone and the list was endless. Then crept in confusion because nothing seemed to be working. After some introspection I decided to research more and that is when I came across someone saying that it’s less about the products and more about how we are using them. For example, Moringa oil works very well for dark patches, but when you use it on a toned face (with some Rose water) along with some Tea Tree or Lavender oil, not only it fastens the process, but it also takes care of pigmentation very efficiently. 

Increasing the efficacy

This is true not just for beauty, but in matters of health as well. Let’s take the example of haldi doodh or what we now like to call the “turmeric latte”. We all know that it is extremely healthy, but instead of having it raw, it is always good to have it mixed with milk as the curcumin (the bioactive molecule of turmeric) gets absorbed by our body when it is in a fat based solution (because milk has fat in it). It is even better if we add a pinch of pepper, as it increases the absorption by manifolds. 

After going through a lot of research work and conducting some in-house studies, it can be safely and unanimously inferred that the efficacies of products increase manifolds when used together. At the same time, it is also very important to know which products are supposed to be combined with one another. At Speaking Herbs, we have botanical ingredients and not formulated products, such that the user knows what exactly they are using. 

Speaking Herbs Regimens

After going through the bioactive molecules profile of our ingredients, we have come up with five regimens to start with. For example, let's take the hair-fall regimen for an oily scalp. The primary reason for hair fall in an oily scalp is the weakening of hair follicles due to the overproduction of sebum (the oil produced by the sebaceous glands). We have two products in the regimen, Jojoba oil and Tea Tree oil with four very simple steps. Jojoba oil when used as it is, controls the overproduction of sebum on the scalp. Now, when Tea Tree oil is added, it rejuvenates the hair follicles and it also takes care of any microbial activity that could be there on the scalp. So, when these two highly efficacious botanicals come together, they fight hair fall in a far better way than they would do when used independently. If the steps are followed consistently, hair fall will steadily reduce promoting a healthier scalp.

Why is a consistent routine/regimen important?

  • Prevention is easy

It is always smart to prevent things from going bad. Same is for skin and hair. We can prevent early onset of wrinkles and fine, hair-loss, hyperpigmentation, premature greying, to name just a few, by following some daily/weekly/or even fortnightly regimens. It is not only good for our skin and scalp, it is also pocket friendly to take care before it gets complicated.

  • A skin care/hair care routine can help establish other healthy routines 

    Add a skin care routine to your other healthy living routines so you can develop better health habits all around. This can include oral care routines as well as hair and scalp routines. Do them all together so you can look and feel great!

    • Healthy skin, hair and scalp takes time

      Not everyone has the same skin or hair. Your skin and hair will need time and a consistent routine to give it the nourishment and to look its best. This is why a skin care routine or a hair care routine is important! Customize a regimen for your skin’s needs and make sure that you do it daily. If there’s a concern then follow a routine and be consistent with it. Consistency and patience is the key! Take time each day to show your skin love by following the regimen that you have chosen.

      • You feel confident with healthy skin and hair

        When you sport healthy skin and hair, you aren’t self conscious and feel more confident. It’s not about how you look, it is more about how you feel.


        So now just follow a few simple steps and take care of your skin and hair like never before. Mix the ingredients, make your potion, be consistent and put an end to the endless drama that our skin and hair make us go through! Happy regimens to you :)

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        • Really nice. Looking forward to making a purchase with you.
          I feel it’s very important to go back to our roots in today’s times.

          Priyanka Garg on
        • Good read and it makes a lot of sense..

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