The Best Essential Oil For Acne And Pimples

Acne is one of the most common skin issues that most of us face. It commonly occurs during puberty among the teenagers and it can sometimes stretch on for a very long time. But it can also start to happen at any age. It occurs when your hair follicles are clogged with dead skin cells and they appear usually on the face, forehead and chest. Acnes may sometimes leave scars. However, it can be prevented and having a clear skin is very much possible . Tea tree oil is one of the best essential oil for acne and pimples.

What causes acne?

There are numbers of aspects that can cause acne to your skin.

The most common one that may cause acne is excessive oil production or when your face comes in contact with any oily substances like a lotion or cream. 

Another reason that can cause acne is when the hair follicles get clogged by oil and dead skin cells and then oil builds up under your skin.

Genes and heredity can be a factor for acne as well. If one of your parents have acne prone skin then you might develop it, too.

Hormonal fluctuation is another reason that can cause acne. It commonly occurs among teenagers, during the time of puberty, when the body undergoes hormonal changes, it can trigger excess oil production that may often lead to acne. For women, other hormonal changes like menstrual cycle, pregnancy can also cause acne. 

Can oil be used for acne prone skin?

Using oil in acne prone skin might sound dangerous as acne is caused by excessive production of oil, however it is not just safe but also effective when you use the correct oil to prevent/reduce acne. We all have heard that oil free skin makes gorgeous and an ideal skin type but now, many experts are starting to uncover the of importance of oil for skin. In fact, over cleansing with harsh foaming soaps may cause excessive dryness which leads the skin to overproduce oil after washing. Oil cleansing, on the other hand, help balance the overproduction of sebum. There are a few oils which can be used for acne prone skin. Among all, tea tree oil is known to be the best essential oil to treat acne and jojoba the best carrier oil. A lot has been discussed about Jojoba oil, let us now look into tea tree oil. 

The most recommended essential oil, Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an excellent natural plant extract which is safe to use on your skin when diluted with a carrier oil or floral water/hydrosol. It is one of the best essential oil for acnes and pimples. It also happens to be the most recommended essential oil. This oil has a number of benefits for all skin types. It has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties which makes it ideal to heal and scalp and skin complications like scars, acne, spots, blemishes, dryness and dandruff.

Tea Tree Oil is the best essential oil for everyday common problems like pimples, acne and dandruff.

What does tea tree oil do and why should I use tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil treats acne

Tea tree oil is the most popular essential oil to treat acne. Acne generally develops when the pores of our skin get blocked with sebaceous(oil), bacteria or dead skin cells. Since tea tree oil has antibacterial and anti fungal properties, it kills all the acne causing bacteria. This oil helps unblock the sebaceous gland and unclog the pores and it further reduces the chances of breakouts. It is one of the most recommended essential oil.

Tea tree oil cleanses pores

Since the tea tree oil is antibacterial in nature it helps cleanse out all the pores that is formed due to dirt, dead skin cells and in turn keeps infections away. You can also steam your face with hot water that has few drops of tea tree oil in it. It opens your pores and tea tree vapour prevents bacteria from settling in.

Tea tree oil balances oily skin

Excessive oiliness leads to breakouts and acne, this oil helps to balance the sebum production of your skin. It is one of the best essential oil.

Tea tree oil treats skin problems

This oil is one of the best oil in treating other skin problems like itchy skin, minor infections and cuts, wound healing and it also fights dandruff. The anti-inflammatory properties in the oil makes it work to treat any skin irritation.

Tea tree oil controls dandruff 

Dandruff and flaky dry scalp can be embarrassing. But, tea tree oil can do the magic. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties presence in the oil it can control your dandruff and get rid of itchy and dry scalp.

**Always remember to dilute tea tree oil before use. Not only tea tree oil, all essential oils must be diluted before use.

How should I use tea tree oil?

Before using tea tree oil directly on to your face, it is always safe to test it first. Apply a few drops on your arm (arm patch test) or any other sensitive area and let it sit for a few minutes if it does not cause irritation then you can safely apply it on your face.

Cleanse your face gently with a mild cleanser and take a few drops of diluted tea tree oil (with a carrier oil like Jojoba or Argan oil) and massage it all over your face smoothly. 

Adding a few drops of tea tree oil to your bath can cleanse and moisturise your skin. It will help fight pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and also moisturise your skin at the same time. Be careful and do not let it get into your eyes. Tea tree oil is the best essential oil for acne and pimples. It is one of the most recommended essential oils.

Use it to treat any minor skin complications. To use tea tree oil on your wounds, mix it with your ointment and apply it to the affected areas.

You can use it to control dandruff. Mix a couple of drops of tea tree oil with a carrier oil of your choice and massage your scalp. Let it sit for sometime and wash it off with a mild cleanser. You can also add a few drops into the water and wash your hair with it.

How often should I use it?

You can use tea tree oil everyday. Try to get your hands on a good quality tea tree oil . Tea tree oil is the most recommended essential oil. Make sure you dilute the tea tree oil and it is 100% pure. More often than not essential oils are diluted with chemical diluents, alcohol and other cheap oils with the more expensive ones. Try to read about the product before you buy. Pure, therapeutic grade essential oils are often a little more expensive but it is definitely going to show results. These oils contain a lot of components that works holistically to show results. It is very important that you get a good quality essential oil. To buy pure, organic and therapeutic grade essential oils, click here.

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