Your Planet And Mine, Earth

Human beings are unique. We are different. What distinguishes us from the rest of the animal kingdom should have been the opposable thumb or the wisdom that has been bestowed upon us, but it turns out that our unequivocal competency at wiping out life from the planet has topped the list.

We wanted to be different from the rest of the species on Earth, we made fire and then we invented the wheel and slowly we started to industrialise. We had a foresight. As the superior beings we wanted to make this place more comfortable for us. We used our brains at the speed of light and behold, here we are today with comforts and luxuries beyond the imaginations of someone who was here a couple hundred years back.

The earth is 4.5 billion years old and we are merely 200,000 years old. The industrial revolution is just 250 years old and look around what our intelligence has done for this planet. In more ways than any other animal, humans have brought about change on Earth.

The oceans are on the brink of a catastrophe, a giant ozone hole found, the glaciers are melting, the sea level is alarmingly increasing, plastic wrapper killed a baby seal; these are the headlines we wake up to, if we ignore the politics and terrorism for a second. But aren’t we the superior species, having the ability to think and change? Our ability to shape the world around us is what separates us from the other animals. At our core, we are dreamers, we are our only hope for saving ourselves and the diverse life on Earth. We can choose a different path and emerge out from the mess and chaos that we have created. Now, it is no longer the environment alone that we are putting in danger. Environmental degradation has a significant impact on human health as well. Contamination of the air, water, food and land has lead to a number of health hazards, from pulmonary infections to neurological disorders, health and environment are very coherently related to one another. 1.7 million children under the age of 5 die each year because of environmental hazards, if statistics like this doesn’t open our sleepy eyes, what will?

It is not only our health that we are jeopardizing, we have also unabashedly whacked the entire ocean’s chemistry. The seas and oceans constitute around 70% of our planet, they affect the weather, help feed the world, and provide a living for millions. They also are home to most of the life on Earth, from microscopic algae to the blue whale, one of the largest animals on the planet. The harm we are causing them is incomprehensible. The majority of the garbage that enters the ocean each year is plastic and they are here to stay. That is because unlike other trash, the single-use plastic bags, water bottles, drinking straws, and containers, among eight million metric tons of the plastic items we toss (instead of recycle), won’t degrade on its own. Instead, they can persist in the environment even for a millennium, polluting our beaches, entangling marine life, and getting ingested by fishes and seabirds. It was on the news that a dead whale was found with 8 kilograms of plastic bags in its stomach.

Today on World Environment Day, let us all take a moment before we go to bed to remember that we have the capacity to reflect upon what is right and take measures to correct ourselves. Each one of us can start off by doing little things, like refrain ourselves from using single-use plastics or carry a bottle of water instead of buying a plastic one every time we step out. Even our government should think about the issues of land-fills, create sustainable waste management models, build self-sufficient model townships. By accepting the mistakes that we have made so far, we have an opportunity to do what is right and hopefully, we can search within ourselves for a way to save life on Earth. And we never know, probably this way, we could discover a part of ourselves that is not only moral and righteous, but also beautiful and distinctly human. After all, we are the smartest of all, isn’t it ?

Efforts at Speaking Herbs

From the very inception, environmental sustainability has been an integral part of our business model and culture. Whether it is the use of glass bottles, bio-degradable outer packaging or minimizing the use of single use plastics in our shipping, we have been committed in reducing our impact on the environment as much as possible.

What are we already doing ?

  • Packaging : Using glass bottles which can be effectively reused after washing and can be recycled. Using bio-degradable outer packaging and cloth bags for shipping.
  • Encouraging consumers to use cotton tote bags while grocery shopping by delivering a free tote bag with every order.

Year 2020 has made us realize a lot of things and forced us to ponder more on the issue of environmental sustainability more than ever. Here is a list of few things that we pledge today to introduce in our business model :

  • Remote working : Now that we are already working from our home, we have realized the positive impact it is having in conserving the unnecessary fuel, energy and space that we were utilizing to reach and be at office. From now on we will be making Work From Home (WFH) compulsory for every team member except in the production and warehousing department.
  • Local Products : Producing and consuming local is one of the best ways to protect our environment. Global sourcing exerts a lot of demand pressure, thereby generating huge carbon emissions. When we source locally it helps us in protecting and conserving the biodiversity, reduces the food miles thereby cutting the fuel consumption, and supports local farms and livelihood. We are pledging to stop the further sourcing of products from outside India such as the Argan oil that we were sourcing so far. We would be encouraging people to use the locally available alternatives of such products.
  • Zero carbon Manufacturing : We have always been vocal about small batch production to enhance the quality of the products through retention of natural potency of the herbs. We are committing to go one step ahead and in the coming years will be investing in small scale, zero carbon and zero waste manufacturing plant for our products.

Responsible consumerism

All said and done, but we are still a consumer brand and we all know that consumerism is one of the driving forces of the enhanced carbon impact on our planet. To mitigate this and encourage responsible consumerism, the idea of minimalism has been woven into the core philosophy of our brand. We are the only Indian consumer brand campaigning for #buylessdomore and encouraging our customers to buy less by providing them with multitasking products. We believe that each small step we take today can help us make our planet better for our children tomorrow.

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