Our Story

Speak For Clean

We believe in speaking for what is right and challenging the status quo to create a world where clean is the new basic without any toxicity and human greed.


The inspiration to start Speaking Herbs came to us when we were still in our biotech school. During those years we were both fascinated by chemicals and what it did to the experiments that we carried out in our labs. We would have to observe the minutest change in the quantities of the ingredients and had to be very careful with the measurements because even a micro-litre here and there could cost us the entire experiment. The same habit followed us in our lives even after we graduated and what we had never done before actually became a habit – reading and investigating each product label before using them in our daily lives. We were in utter shock of how we were being exposed to some of the most toxic ingredients and being duped into buying “natural” products that constituted more than 95% of synthetics, preservatives and fillers.


Tanaya & Amis 

We know things were not always like this and there is still a chance to bring about a change. It is now time we get back to the basics of keeping things simple, clean and honest. ‘Clean is the new basic’ is our mantra and it represents our movement against the toxic ingredients and pollutants used in beauty and personal care products. It represents our promise to de-clutter our products from the mess of chemical preservatives, fillers, plastics and human greed. We are on our toes to free the daily care essentials from the evil of ultra-processing and bring them to the good of minimalism. We are strongly speaking for safe, clean and effective products and together with our consumers are creating a revolution in building a world where clean is the new basic.