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Best oil

blackseed oil is my favourite. I use it on my skin and as well as on my scalp. I am very satisfied with the product.


I am using this for quite sometime now. I had stretch marks on my arm and they are slowly diminishing. It is very thick and i was recommended to use it with avocado oil. I mix it equally. Results are good.

very different coconut oil

got my hands on the best coconut oil there is. It is light and has a very mild smell. I got them to send me a 500 ml bottle (sorry for the trouble), but i can't do without coconut oil.

very happy

Using speakingherbs hemp seed oil for my beard maintenance. I am very happy with the results. non sticky and my beard remains hydrated and shiny.

very effective

I am using the jojoba oil for my 5 month old son's diaper rashes. It is very effective in treating diaper rashes. I also use their rose water for the same.


Using moringa oil for 2 months now. Very good for dry and dull skin.

smell of the first rains

As soon as i opened this bottle it smelled like the first rains after a long time. I am absolutely in love with this moringa oil and i use it everyday

pure moringa oil

I have been asked to use moringa oil by my doctor. This one is devoid any artificial fragrance and colour. It is pure and very effective. I find it a little thick, however it gets absorbed very well.

5 stars

This new maskne thing as been a big problem for me. When i saw this, i didn't think much and ordered it. This has really worked for me. People with maskne, this is recommended.

wonderful gift

My mother loved this box that i gifted on her birthday. It looks very classy and wonderful packaging.

best gift

i gifted this one to my sister when she had my nephew. This box has everything a baby's delicate skin and hair can ever need. The box is so sturdy and everything comes in glass bottles and there is no fear of plastic contamination. I absolutely love it


I have to work out in the sun and have developed quite a few marks on my face. This regime has been extremely helpful and the marks are reducing. Authentic products.

best serum oil

i have spent a fortune on facial oils and serums before landing on to this one. moringa and lavender's mix have done its magic on my skin. My skin has also lightened and the tan marks are also gone. thank you!

go to oil

I have been using this one for almost 2 years now. I got what i was promised. I have an acne free skin now. This Jojoba oil along with the tea tree oil did wonders for me. Congratulations on the launch of regimens. Waiting for more products.

great results

This regimen worked very well for me as well as my husband. both of us have an oily scalp and hairfall has been an issue. Has considerably reduced.


i hv very dry scalp. these 2 oils are very good. I do it two to three times a week. Good results. satisfied

5 stars

This is such a blessing. I am a health worker and due to long working hours my health had taken a toll. Especially my face, it had gone very dull. This regimen has been a blessing to me and I am very thankful for it. My face is hydrated and feels very fresh.

the best thing

I just turned 30 and i could notice the onset of dark spots and uneven patches on my face. Someone recommended this brand so I thought of giving this regimen a try. I am super thrilled with the results and i think i am going to continue using it. My skin tone is no longer patchy and the dark spots are fading away.

5 stars

oily scalp and hair has been with me ever since i remember. Hairfall started creeping in since the pandemic and it was getting out of control. This regimen has worked for me very well. It's been almost 3 months now and the results are astounding. and i love the packaging too! great work. highly recommend it.

for dry scalp

After trying their anti pigmentation regimen, i decided to give this one a try. I have an extremely dry scalp and it's flaky too. This haircare ritual has been really helpful. I am not a fan of the smell of the black seed oil, but it's worked, so 5 stars to this one too.

must buy

i had an uneven skin tone for quite a while and a dermatologist told that it was due to age. I am 31! Didn't want to go for any treatments, so looked up online and found this regimen. Tried it for almost 40 days now and i am so impressed with the results. My skin looks hydrated and fresh. The tone is almost even. I am completely sold!

very useful

my skin became quite dull after my second kid. The glow was not there. I tried many things and finally saw this online. I had a chat with someone from their team on whatsapp and they suggested this. It worked like a charm for me. I can see the brightness and glow coming back. i follow the steps everyday and the best part is that one set lasted for almost 2 months so it's worthy buy.

such a saviour

I'm a health worker and maskne's been a part of my life since a year now. I was the person who would get an occasional breakout and after the pandemic, my chin area is down with acne. Atleast 8-10 acnes at a time. A co-worker gifted this on my birthday, and it has been a saviour. The masknes are disappearing without leaving a mark. i use it daily and because the mask's not going anywhere, this will be my go to ritual. The oils are so pure, thank you speaking herb


I use it for neck pain

Works miraculously

Best sweet almond oil.