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Anti-Hairfall(oily scalp) Regimen

An effective regimens range by Speaking Herbs

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    Kit Includes

    Jojoba Oil - 1 x 100 ml 

    Tea Tree Oil - 1 x 15 ml

    What do we have for you

    Speaking Herbs has put together this simple yet very effective regimen consisting of only 2 products to combat hair fall (oily scalp). It is designed keeping in mind the requirements of an oily scalp suffering from hair fall.

    Product of INDIA

    Extracted and bottled hygienically in a WHO-GMP certified facility.


    Hair fall

    Hair fall is the loss of hair from the head. Hair fall generally occurs uniformly all over the head.

    Hair is made up of a protein called keratin that is produced in hair follicles in the outer layer of skin. The hair that you see is actually a string of dead keratin cells. The life cycle of hair has three stages:

    i.   Anagen: active hair growth that lasts anywhere from 2 – 6 years.

    ii.  Catagen: transitional hair growth that lasts 2 – 3 weeks

    iii. Telogen: resting phase that lasts for about two to three months. During the end of the resting phase, the hair is shed and a new hair replaces it and the growing cycle starts again.

    Hair fall in an oily scalp

    In case of people having an oily scalp the main reasons for hair loss is weakening of the hair follicles due to over-production of oil or sebum. In such cases it is very important that the scalp is clean and the excess oil is controlled.


    Why do I have hair fall

    There are a wide variety of reasons for breakage and hair fall. Some of them are:

    • Excessive oil production or dryness of the scalp which leads to weakening of hair follicles.
    • Production of abnormal levels of androgen hormone (in both males and females) is one important reason  for hair loss.
    • Childbirth, stress, and illness could also be a reason for temporary hair fall.
    • Drugs used in cancer treatment, birth control, blood pressure and blood thinning may also cause hair loss too.
    • Genes from both the parents may also determine a person’s hairline.
    • Autoimmune diseases, cosmetic procedures and medical conditions like thyroid disease, lupus, diabetes, anaemia also cause hair fall.
    • A low protein diet or severely calorie-restricted diet may result in temporary hair loss.

    Too many reasons and too little hair!



    Comb your hair and make sure there are no tangles.
    Combing helps in detangling of the hair. Please comb gently.


    Take 8-10 drops of Jojoba oil and add 2-3 drops of Tea Tree oil to it.

    Jojoba Oil mimics the properties of the oil produced by the sebaceous glands which is also known as sebum. When it is used for massaging the scalp, it tricks the brain to believe that there is enough oil and this way the oil or sebum production is controlled. 

    With the antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties, Tea Tree oil cleans the hair follicles and strengthens them from within. It also takes care of dandruff which may be another reason for hair-fall.


    Massage this oil mix thoroughly on to your scalp (and preferably leave it overnight).
    The combination of Jojoba Oil and Tea Tree Oil will not only control the oil production, it will also strengthen the hair follicles.


    Wash it off with a mild shampoo the next morning.
    It is important to wash off the oil from the hair. If you go out with a lot of oil in your hair, it will attract dust and grime and it might lead to breakage of hair and more hair loss. Try to use a mild shampoo because the chemicals can prove to be very harsh on the scalp and as well as on the hair.

    For best results, follow this regimen two to three times a week.


    * If you are pregnant or nursing, or have sensitive skin, allergies or any serious medical conditions, do not use these products unless advised by a physician or medical professional that it is safe. A skin patch test is always recommended prior to use.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    great results

    This regimen worked very well for me as well as my husband. both of us have an oily scalp and hairfall has been an issue. Has considerably reduced.

    5 stars

    oily scalp and hair has been with me ever since i remember. Hairfall started creeping in since the pandemic and it was getting out of control. This regimen has worked for me very well. It's been almost 3 months now and the results are astounding. and i love the packaging too! great work. highly recommend it.